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About TrueTesting

Independent testing
by CySecTech

TrueTesting was founded on the belief that product reviews must be independent, free of conflict of interest, scientifically grounded and accessible for free. Sadly most online reviews today don't meet those standards making it impossible to know which online products to buy.

To help fix this issue we created a non-profit organization Cyber Security Technologies Foundation whose main mission is to help you know which online products are worth buying by providing you conflict-free, accurate online products reviews that you can trust.

TrueTesting, the site you are on, is the product of our efforts and the home of our tests.

Being a registered non-profit organization and having our tests financed by donations and affiliated links commissions ensure that we are free of conflict of interests. The products we test are exclusively bought online like any regular users do. We never accepted any review samples or money to test specific products.

Transparency and objectivity is essential when it comes to providing you actionable reviews. Which is why, TrueTesting will either recommend a product or not. Our recommendation implies, as visible in the product results card, that the product passed a set of rigorous tests that ensure it will work for its intended use-cases.

While developing product test protocols, the collective group of scientists, engineers, and hackers behind CySecTech have tirelessly focused on making sure they are the most rigorous and accurate possible. Like the products we buy, the state of the art equipment used for testing is funded by your donations. This is why, if you find our reviews useful, consider donating to help fund more tests and help increase the range of products we can test.

We hope you will find our tests useful,

CySecTech Founders

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