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Affiliate policy | TrueTesting

Last updated on May 20 2022.

When you purchase a product recommended by TrueTesting by clicking on a merchant link, Cyber Security Technologies Foundation (CySecTech), the non-profit organization that operates TrueTesting, might earn a commission. Those earnings are used to fund testing and help the organization operate.

For example, CySecTech is an Amazon Affiliate member and an Amazon Charity program Smile member so when you click on a link to purchase via Amazon we might get a commission on qualifying purchases and we might also receive a commission through AmazonSmile.

We carefully discussed with our board of directors if earning affiliate commissions would be in contradiction with our core values of being conflict of interest free. After careful consideration, we have decided that for the time being, earning affiliate commissions do not conflict with our core values as it doesn't influence the choice of the products we test and recommend. In particular we are committed to put links to products that we recommend regardless of whether they are affiliate or not.

To detach ourselves further from negative incentives, we rely on the third party XXX to manage our affiliate links, and never look at the commission rate when selecting which product to test, instead we focus on the products requested by the public. Furthermore our earned commission will be explicitly reported in our publicly available financial statements to ensure transparency and accountability.